About the widows

Thank you for visiting our website and it is our pleasure to welcome you to be part of our ministry, God bless you on the surface, our area seems like a culture of close-knit families, but in reality there is an enormous need among the multitudes of elderly who are treated as a burden by their children and grandchildren. Many widows are forced to live outside house because they are thrown by their family members; moreover, they are completely neglected by present society. They are being died at early age of course; even some family members who struggle to feed themselves and simply are not able to provide for their aging parents including widows.

Because, I delivered the poor who cried out, the fatherless and the one who had no helper, the blessing of a perishing man came upon me. And I caused the widow’s heart to sing for joy.” (Job 29:12, 13).

Therefore, JGCM prayed over this need after came to an understanding of their problem, we have decided to care of some needs like food items Rice, oil, soups, clothing and these widows, and JGCM has adopted 100 widows to serve their needs and distributes this provision to them once in a month.

Kindly come down here and pray for the needs to be met by grace of God and participate in this very mission like visiting widows group by comfort through donating materials (Food Material Rice& Saris) we actually need of 1000kgs to meet main need of these 100 widows because they are running short of rice because they are ignored and neglected by local community. I want to request you to kindly remember them in your family and church prayers and kindly introduce our ministry to your congregation members. We will also pray for your family and ministry among widows.

Lord, you know the hopes of the helpless. Surely you will listen to their cries and comfort them." Psalm 10:17

We are distributing this provision to our widows in four villages every month
1. Rice (Each one 4Kgs)
2. Oil (Each one 1Kg)
3. Soaps (Each one 2 Soaps)
4. Medical Aid
5. Clothes (Saries, Blankets)
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